Amazing Keith Haring mural…

In February 1989, Keith Haring made this 34 meter long mural, on what at the time was a dirty wall in the most degraded part of the Raval neighborhood.

The artist, well known at the time for his graffitis in the New York subway, only took five hours to paint the mural without a draft, prior study or project. He painted a long snake holding a needle, symbol of AIDS that at the time devastated the neighborhood.

Barcelona Keith Haring Huge Mural

Damaged by graffitis and on the verge of disappearing during the renovation of the square in 1992, thanks to pressure from the artist’s fans, before the works on the square, they traced the original drawing and took color samples to create a new mural.
The painting represents AIDS as a giant snake frightening the people with the legend "Todos juntos podemos parar el SIDA", in Spanish, meaning "Together we can stop AIDS" with Keith Harings typical characters dancing.

In 2014 the mural was reproduced on a concrete wall in the Joan Corominas square behind the Barcelonas Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA).

Barcelona Keith Haring Huge Mural against AIDS

Since 1988 Keith Haring knew he had AIDS, and from that moment dedicated his efforts to fight this epidemic. In 1990, aged 31, he died of complications from the disease.

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