Extravagant Dilbar superyacht in Barcelona harbour…

The old port of Barcelona has been transformed in the past years, despite opposition by many Barcelonians, in a port for mega-yachts that now abound in the Mediterranean.

We can frequently see the Dilbar, Alisher Usmanov’s latest extravagance. Usmanov who is one of Russia's richest industrialists, ranked as the world's 73rd fortune, which he made in mining and investment, and is estimated at 12,000 million euros. He is also known to be the main shareholder of Arsenal FC.
This is the third mega-yacht that Usmanov has bought, the two previous ones were also named Dilbar.

Barcelona Port Marina Superyacht Dilbar

The Dilbar is the largest private yacht in volume, and by its 3,800 square meters of living space. In terms of length, with its 157m, it only reaches the 6º position in 2020…

There is little information about the interior because unlike other yachts of the same style it is not available for rental, as Usmanov uses it exclusively.
We know, however, that it has a 25-meter swimming pool, the largest swimming pool installed on a yacht, that it has 20 cabins to accommodate 40 passengers for a crew of 96 people.
It has two helipads. Usmanov uses an Airbus H175 helicopter to get there, which can accommodate 7 passengers and whose interior has been customized. A jewel of technology that cost 20 million euros.

Barcelona Marina Mega Yacht Dilbar

Built in 2015 by the Lurssen shipyard in Germany, a shipyard specializing in super luxury boats, it cost around 600 million euros and its maintenance is estimated at between 6 and 8 million euros per year.
Superyachts are the biggest expenditure of the mega-rich and in recent years they have spent obscene amounts of money on these yachts.

According to the latest news the Dilbar was seized by the German government as part of sanctions against Russian oligarchs due to Russian invasion of Ukraine. Dilbar was docked and undergoing refit at Blohm+Voss shipyard in Hamburg since October 2021. This was later denied by the German authorities, who clarified that the yacht was not seized, but was covered by export control sanctions, meaning that it will not be able to leave Germany without special permission.

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