Miró mosaic on the ramblas

In the center of the Ramblas, at the junction with hospital street, you can admire, if the flow of tourists permits, a mosaic made by Joan Miró.

Made in 1976, the mosaic is made up of over 6,000 pieces of pavement with the typical Miro basic colors, that have been specially made by the ceramist Llorens Artigas and his son Joan Gardy-Artigas.

Barcelona Ramblas Joan Miró Mosaic

The artist wanted to offer visitors three works of art in order to welcome travelers arriving to Barcelona by sea, air and land. The other artworks are at the airport and near the Plaza de España.

The Ramblas mosaic, wanted to be a work of art that you can see, touch and step on daily. It represents the cosmos and the sea and welcomes travelers arriving to Barcelona by sea.

A mural, occupies since 1968, a large part of the facade of the old airport terminal, which is now used by only low-cost airlines, and welcomes travelers arriving by air.

Barcelona El Prat Airport Joan Miró Mosaic

The third artwork, a statue called "La Dona i ocellet" Woman and bird, was installed in 1982 at the Joan Miró park, near the Plaza España and welcomes travelers arriving by land.

Barcelona Joan Miró Sculpture La Dona i ocellet

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