Huge Picasso frescoes in Barcelona centre

If you've been strolling through the Gothic Quarter, the historic center of Barcelona, you've probably passed the Cathedral Square.
In this square everyone contemplates the facade of the cathedral or the remains of the Roman wall, but few visitors pay attention to the building on the other side of the square: the College of Architects of Barcelona.

Barcelona Hidden Picasso Frescos

The creation of these frescoes in 1962 caused controversy in conservative media and the church hierarchy, who did not appreciate this exiled artist who was openly opposed to the Franco dictatorship, and who requested they suspend the project because of its proximity to the cathedral.

Barcelona Amazing Picasso Frescos

Picasso was then exiled to Paris and could not return to Spain because of his opposition to the Franco regime.
He drew the frescoes on paper and the Norwegian sculptor and photographer Carl Nesjar was put in charge of the drawing on the cement slabs with a pressurized sandblast.

Barcelona Unknown Picasso Frescos

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