Barcelona coronavirus COVID-19 situation and travel restrictions

Barcelona Ramblas Coronavirus Covid-19
Barcelona, july 21th 2023

Barcelona vibrant activity has restarted with normality.
The municipality took advantage of the epidemic to reorganize the city: more areas for pedestrians and cyclists, streets closed to traffic on weekends, to create a more pleasant and friendly environment.

Actual restrictions:

Restrictions imposed to curb the epidemic have been eliminated.

More detailed statistics of the hospitalizations and the evolution of covid cases in Barcelona available on the Catalan government information website.

Arrival formalities:

From September 20th, all travelers, whatever their origin, can freely enter Spain without the need to present a vaccination certificate or PCR test.
All controls at borders, ports and airports have been eliminated.

Hygienic mask:

Wearing a mask is no more compulsory.

Our safety rules during guided tours:

All our tours are private, no one is added to your group, so you will be safe with your guide.
Our guides know the city very well and will take you through the less crowded streets to avoid the crowds.
If you prefer, our guide can use audio guides with disposable earphones to communicate with you. We recommend this solution for groups of more than 9 people.

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