Best time to visit Barcelona

Barcelona Average Temperatures

Barcelona climate is very pleasant all year round: rain is rare and normally does not last long. Winter is not very cold and the thermometer rarely drops below 10ºC. In summer, July and August, temperatures can exceed 30ºC, accompanied by high humidity, which can be unpleasant in order to walk around and visit the city.

Barcelona in summer:

Temperatures can exceed 30ºC in the shade with high humidity which can be quite uncomfortable, especially if you walk directly in the sun during the hottest hours of the day.
To visit the city, you should get up early and enjoy the freshness of the morning or the end of the afternoon. Avoid visiting unshaded places between 12h and 16h, enjoy this time to go to eat and have a siesta…

Regarding the tourist crowds: in July, August and during the Easter holidays and Christmas Barcelona receives thousands of tourists and the hotels increase their prices and are fully booked. It is also more complicated to buy monument’s tickets and to dine in a good restaurant without reserving in advance.

Barcelona in spring and autumn:

To visit Barcelona without crowds and with a pleasant climate we recommend spring and autumn.
The weather is generally sunny, most days are sunny with clear skies. The average temperature during the day is around 20ºC.
In September and October storms and thunderstorms can occur although they last normally a short time but can be very violent, don’t forget your umbrella. Starting at the beginning of April and May, many Barcelonans go to the different urban beaches to practice sports and enjoy the sun.

Barcelona in winter:

If you want to enjoy tranquillity and avoid the crowd come to Barcelona in January or February, it is cooler, but it is the quietest time to visit the monuments.
Temperatures rarely drop below 10ºC during the day.
The fact that the trees along the boulevards have lost their leaves makes it possible to take advantage of the beautiful and unique perspectives of the city building facades and to appreciate the wealth of details of the modernist architecture.

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